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1 Introduction

2 Description of the problem

3 Mathematical description of an employment structure

4 Demonstration Example

5 The optimal employment structure for society as a whole

5.1 Criterion of an optimal employment structure

5.2 Solutions for calculating an optimal employment matrix

5.3 Test calculation with the demonstration example

6 Representation of the labor market

6.1 Mathematical model for simulating the labor market

6.2 Test calculations with the demonstration example

7 Some selected analyses to demonstrate the capabilities of the models

7.1 Change in the performance evaluation between the individual professions by changing the performance needs structurer

7.2 A new profession is arising

7.3 Introduction of a social component into the remuneration system

8 Integration of the labor market model into a model of an entire national economy

8.1 Representation of the productive forces of an economy independently of the conditions of production

8.2 Short discussion for continuing the problem

9 Some critical remarks and conclusions on the developed model and outlook for further necessary investigations

9.1 The labor market model is a study modell

9.2 Performance evaluation within one profession

9.3 Performance evaluation of the members of the management of a company

9.4 Interpretations of the performance matrix

9.5 Stochastic phenomena on the labor market

9.6 Barriers to fluctuation

9.7 Final remarks


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