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8.1 Representation of the productive forces of an economy independently of the conditions of production n1)

Analogous to Volume 1 [4], the societal productive forces are now to be described independently of the production conditions. The description has been tightened up. The detailed explanations can be found in the corresponding sections of Volume 1 [4] and previous sections of this Volume and apply accordingly here. Essentially the same names and symbols are used.

Reproductive cycles:

Society's resources:

Skills of the workers (professions):

Production processes and producing economic entities:

This means that all n2 production processes i2 are fully described by the two input matrices ai and wi and the output matrix wo. In contrast to the models in Volume 1 [4], here the labor input vector ai has been expanded to form a labor input matrix ai. While the component aii2 of the vector ai previously indicated a number of fully employed workers, the component aii2,j3 of the matrix ai now contains a quantity of profession-specific work performance, measured in the performance unit j3 of the respective professions.

Employment situation:

Which of the variants is ultimately more advantageous has to be shown in practice.

Needs and multiplication of members of society (workers):

Consumption of members of society:

This completely describes the system of the productive forces of a national economy, taking into account a differentiated employment structure. The dimensionless parameters were tacitly given without going into detail. In summary, the complete parameter set can now be specified:

i2Index or number of the production process or company
i3Index or number of the respective good
n2Number of the production processes or companies
n3Number of the different goods
approductivity group sizes
aknumbers of supplied workers in the productivity groups
famultiplication factor of workers
kniinput of the essential consumption
knooutput of the essential consumption
klinormalized input of additional consumption
klonormalized output of additional consumption
flfactors of additional consumption in the productivity groups
ainormalized inputs of workforces
winormalized inputs of means of production
wonormalized outputs of production
xproduction volumes
ac or ac’, ac’’employment matrix
wgtotal quantities of economic goods

This is the minimum set of parameters that is necessary to fully describe the linear discrete model of the productive forces of a national economy with a differentiated employment structure. All other parameters can be derived from it.

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