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5 The optimal employment structure for society as a whole

Before a corresponding labor market is modeled the optimal employment matrix should be calculated theoretically.

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5.1 Criterion of an optimal employment structure

Apart from the employment matrix ac, which can be changed by individual fluctuation or by employment policy measures, all other primary parameters for describing an employment structure are constant over time according to the assumptions formulated above. Thus for now the employment matrix is the only target/objective for optimization.

In a national economy it is in the consumers' interest that the work capacity of all workers is used in a way that a maximum needs-based range of goods and services is generated through an optimal employment matrix ac. The optimality criterion for an employment matrix ac can thus be specified:

An employment matrix ac is optimal if it results in a maximum needs-conform performance vector db.

This is exactly the case when the factor fg, which has already been introduced and represents the overall societal increase in performance, reaches a maximum.

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