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The question is raised whether there are objective criteria for differentiating individual income, especially between different professional groups.

Criteria are developed for an optimal employment structure. The optimal employment structure is calculated for a test example with the help of the simplex algorithm.

A dynamic mathematical model of a labor market is developed and simulated by a computer program. It turns out that there is an optimal wage structure which means that every worker achieves the highest personal income exactly where the worker would have to work according to the optimal employment structure, depending on the worker's skills.

Within a market economy, individual work performance can be assessed and thus differentiated by objective criteria. However, unlike physical performance, its value is not a fixed value. A certain work performance is to be assessed differently compared to other work performances in different societal needs structures. This should be done by objective criteria.

The Marxian concept of the societal necessary working time can be quantified with these models

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